Our Services

Product Safety Testing and Certification

We work in partnership with customers across the world to provide custom solutions to their unique needs and make testing and certification a satisfying experience

On-Site Field Evaluation of Electrical Equipment

A fast and practical way of approving and labelling electrical equipment and systems on location

On-Site Field Evaluation of Medical Electrical Equipment

The Model Code SPE 3000 sets special and stringent requirements for the field evaluation and approval of medical electrical equipment

On-Site Field Evaluation of Fuel Burning Appliances & Equipment

The “just-in-time” way to get your custom-made gas appliances and equipment approved

On-Site Field Certification

A practical and flexible certification service used for custom-made equipment performed at your location

Limited Production Certification

A flexible solution for your certification needs, if you manufacture a product in limited quantity orin batches and on demand

IECEE/CB Scheme Certificates

If you wish to market your products globally, QPS will assist you in obtaining the necessary product approval.

IECEX Equipment Scheme Certificates

Knowing the rules in the global market for equipment used in explosive atmospheres can be a daunting task. Let QPS simplify international approval of your Ex equipment.