As companies get back to business and open their doors again, QPS is committed to our employee and customer safety.

Employee and Visitor Safety

Since the beginning of the pandemic QPS has had Sanitizers, disinfectant spray and wipes available at all entrances and throughout the office/lab.  Commonly touched areas are disinfected twice daily with disinfectant spray.  Signage re physical distancing and mask use are located throughout the building.

All employees in the office/lab wear a mask while in the building except will seated at their own workstation – provided physical distancing can still be achieved.  In all instances where physical distancing is not possible wearing of a mask is mandatory.  Masks are also provided to our Inspectors for use when visiting customer sites.

Employees are encouraged to stay home if experiencing any of the symptoms related to COVID-19.

What can you expect when visiting QPS

QPS has been safely welcoming visitors since the start of the pandemic under controlled circumstances.

Before your visit you will be requested to fill out our COVID-19 Questionnaire/Checklist.  (COVID-19 Visitor Self-Declaration Checklist).   The questionnaire must be emailed to your QPS contact before you arrive for your visit.

Masks are required. Upon arrival at QPS please put your mask on before entering the office.  Upon entry in the reception area, you will be requested to sanitize your hands with the provided sanitizer.  Although we would prefer gloves not be worn, if wearing gloves, you must still sanitize before proceeding farther into the office/lab.  Your QPS contact will also take your temperature upon entry.


QPS staff continue to travel to assist our customers with their essential conformity assessment needs.  Our employees observe all public health guidelines when travelling, including hand washing/sanitization, wearing of masks where required and where physical distancing is not possible.

If travelling to customer’s site, QPS employees are more than happy to abide by your COVID-19 Policy and fill out your COVID-19 questionnaire if applicable.

QPS is committed to the well being and safety of our employees and customers.  If you have any questions about our COVID-19 response, please feel free to contact