We are pleased to announce that QPS Evaluation Services in Toronto, Canada has been officially granted Notified Body status for the ATEX Directive via the Canada-EU Trade Agreement (CETA) and is now listed in the European NANDO Database with the Notified Body Number 2900

What does this mean?

This means that Hazardous Location equipment manufacturers in North America and around the world can now use QPS ATEX certification services and obtain  ATEX certification directly from our office in Toronto, Canada.

It also means that manufacturers who are looking for an alternative provider of ATEX certification services (EU Type Certificates, Unit Verification and Quality Assurance Notifications QAN) for placing their products on the EU market in a faster and more cost-effective way can now use QPS as their ATEX Notified Body.  

ATEX products certified by QPS Evaluation Services Inc., Toronto, Canada, MAY bear the following marks


“With the recognition of QPS as an ATEX Notified Body, Haz Loc customers that want to access the EU market as well as the U.S., Canadian and global markets can now work with QPS for a more streamlined one stop service,” said Nick Maalouf, Vice President of External Affairs and Business Development at QPS.

For more information please contact the following:
  • QPS North America: Rob Kohuch; Mobile +1 780 224 6005; rkohuch@qps.ca; or
  • QPS North America: Dave Adams; Mobile +1 780 224 4414; dadams@qps.ca
  • QPS Europe BV: Marco Erdhuizen, Certification Manager Ex; Mobile +31 (0)6 21 28 55 36; merdhuizen@qps.ca; or
  • QPS Europe BV: Maurice Hoendervangers; Mobile +31 6 34 92 19 88; mhoendervangers@qps.ca
  • Customer Service:  +1 877 746 4777; +1 416 241 8857; info@qps.ca
The Official NANDO Database Listing Is Located Here:

EUROPA – European Commission – Growth – Regulatory policy – NANDO