In today’s highly competitive environment, many companies are designing for, and selling their products locally and globally. They are also constantly doing more with less time, less money and fewer resources. Therefore, it is always a challenge to know the requirements of the target market and to find more economical ways to test products to assure compliance prior to committing to production.

Attestation & Custom Testing is a service provided by QPS and backed by the extensive expertise of our technical staff in a variety of national, regional, international and industry standards. In this regard, we offer the following testing services to national and international standards (such as UL, CSA, FM, IEC, EN, CENELEC, IEEE), and also to industry standards, or other standards or specific tests identified by the customer.

  • Design validation
  • Prototyping and pre-production testing
  • First article testing
  • Product development testing
  • Regulatory self-declaration
  • On-site testing
  • Environmental testing

Environmental Testing

Through our product certification work, QPS has assembled a wide range of environmental testing capabilities covering a variety of products subjected to environmental conditions.

Examples are:

  • IP and NEMA rated enclosures
  • Temperature and humidity conditioning
  • UV exposure
  • Weather testing
  • Wet and damp conditioning
  • Vibration
  • Hydrostatic strength and withstand
  • Endurance testing
  • Spectral radiometry
  • Laser classifications
  • Tensile and elongation